Парализованная чемпионка СССР побирается в центре Петербурга The story of Elena, Slipchenko caused a storm of discussions. The woman who was once considered one of the best beginner athletes at the time, decided to retire. Now she is forced to beg on the Nevsky Prospekt.
Парализованная чемпионка СССР побирается в центре Петербурга

Last week a photograph of the paralyzed champion of the USSR on jumps on a trampoline Helena Slipchenko (in marriage Ivanova) spread through social networks. A casual passer-by Sergey Gordeev, walking along the Nevsky prospect, drew the attention of the followers to the plight in which a woman. A man was outraged by the fact that the athlete, who became disabled, forced to beg.

Парализованная чемпионка СССР побирается в центре Петербурга“Every day, to go out, she pays neighbors for two hundred rubles, which would have lowered! Her pension is only enough to pay for housing,” wrote Sergei.
Парализованная чемпионка СССР побирается в центре Петербурга

The information that appeared on the website of the Sergei, caused heated discussions on the Internet and attracted the attention of journalists. Correspondent met with Yelena Slipchenko to learn its history firsthand. As it turned out, back in 1980, the athlete took part in the opening ceremony of the Olympics. It was considered very honorable, because battchikova were selected from all over the Soviet Union.

A year later, Elena Slipchenko became the champion of the Soviet Union jumping on the trampoline. The performance of the athletes consisted of ten items, she managed to show the highest degree of difficulty and quality of execution. The achievement of girls has significantly improved the financial situation of her family.

Парализованная чемпионка СССР побирается в центре Петербурга“I was put on so-called “second charge” athletes are paid the same money. Then it was 160 rubles per month. You have to understand, my mom is 90 rubles received…,” he told Elena.
Парализованная чемпионка СССР побирается в центре Петербурга

However, after the resounding triumph of Slipchenko decided to leave big-time sports. Her coach, who helped achieve outstanding results, made teaching. And parents champion asked her to do something else, more reliable. As a result, Slipchenko went to study at the bartender. “Kind of like a pepper, but was considered prestigious,” she explains. Then Elena began a normal life – she married, bore a son, worked in the trade.

Ten years ago, the life of Slipchenko began to turn into hell. The woman began to refuse his feet. The athlete went to the doctors, but they could not understand what was happening to her. At different times Elena suspected cancer, and kidney disease. As long as one medical officer insisted on pay-procedure MRI. It turned out that Slipchenko compression fracture of the vertebrae, leading to paralysis. She needed emergency surgery. Life champion managed to save, but after that she was left confined to a wheelchair. Now Elena is only moving the arms, neck and head.

“As I said, this process could cause received a blow or fall. Perhaps it was during the last trampoline. That’s what happens when an old injury suddenly makes itself felt, and in the bones begins zagnoenie. If I had had an MRI now, possibly could go. But no doctor – over the three years of surveys, I went to a lot of them – not to me on the right track…” – she said.

Because of illness, Slipchenko had to leave work. The parents of a woman who at first she helped, died. With her husband, Slipchenko divorced in 1997. When Helen did, her ex-boyfriend served time in prison fifteen-year period. The son visits his mother from time to time.

Парализованная чемпионка СССР побирается в центре Петербурга“Working in pubs and clubs, living separately: come – garbage bear, the tea is poured. Plow Papa Carlo, so that I have no time. And how does it help?” – the sportswoman speaks.
Парализованная чемпионка СССР побирается в центре Петербурга

Paralyzed woman communicating with social services employee Tatyana. Every six months, Elena comes to visit father Alexander. Mostly leisure champion favorite dog brightens up the Face that for fifteen years. Dilapidated “kopeck piece” in the center of St. Petersburg with Elena also shared by the tenants – they let her older brother. According to Slipchenko, the “pressed” half space and the cottage. Sometimes neighbors help the athlete.

To go outside, Elena pays the worker a hundred rubles for the descent and ascent. More the man who came to the cultural capital to work, is not necessary. “I call and then fifteen minutes later comes”, the champion said. Familiar Slipchenko refused to help her, citing lack of time and effort.

The woman’s pension is only 12 300 rubles. It includes subsidies for apartment and disability benefits. For housing, Slipchenko pays about three thousand a month, and in winter the amount of payments increased more than two times.

“The heating works, apartment I have a big set in it, and the brother and son – but I pay one. The rest goes to food and medicine. Starting in 2016, I was deprived of subsidies on medicines. (…) Even the services of a social worker who comes to me, because I am not lying, and did pay,” shared Elena.

But the world not without kind people. Last year battist from Moscow sent to Elena twenty thousand – the money she underwent a course of therapy. And recently, on Nevsky prospect, to the paralyzed champion an elderly woman came up and offered her massage services. Bystanders paid to Elena ten sessions. She was shocked by the sign of attention from a complete stranger. Now, Slipchenko again saving up on treatment.

“No I did not have: I’m not a sports injury. And on Nevsky – at least some money. And at least some communication,” she said.

In preparing the article used materials of “Moskovsky Komsomolets” and “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.