Shoe fashion trends spring-summer 2017

Модные обувные тенденции весна-лето 2017

In addition to the items in the wardrobe of every girl has a lot of shoes. For each outfit fits a certain pair of shoes. But Shoe trends change every year, as well as clothing. Therefore, you should always know what shoes to wear, and what is better left on the shelf in the closet.

For convenience, we divide all the Shoe trends at the list of 5 points. So, the main trends of the season spring-summer 2017:
1. Stud. From the fashion runways which year does not leave the flats. You can choose classic or lace-up stilettos. Or pick up unusual shoes, but with the same classic stiletto heel.
2. Platform. Like last season, platform shoes never goes out of fashion. It can be various variations. For example, a platform with a wide heel, wedge heel or completely flat sole. A great selection of women sandals can be found at There are wedge and heel, and the usual flat Padova. You can easily choose a pair of sandals for your desired style.
3. The original heel. This season you can give free rein to their imagination. The appearance of the heel can be quite different. For example, geometric heel, curved, transparent or not layered.
4. Espadrilles. This exotic Spanish shoes not so long ago came to us. But this season designers are advised to buy espadrilles to your wardrobe. They go perfectly with jeans, shorts, overalls, skirts, skorts and even dresses. Their main advantage-ease.
5. Lacing. Shoes elements lace-up this year in trend all year round. You can choose sandals, shoes, boots, sandals, espadrilles etc Shoes can even be rude, but the lacing is elegant and graceful.

In addition to form of footwear you must also highlight its finish. Season spring-summer this year will be quite bright. Shoes can be of different colors, made from different materials (leather, suede, or braided). The main decorations of shoes are the straps, lacing, buckles and fringe.