Памела Андресон всерьез задумалась о получении российского паспорта
One of the sexiest Actresses remembered their Russian roots.

Pamela Anderson


Pamela Anderson may be a citizen of the Russian Federation. It became known of it during her last visit to Moscow. During a press conference on the protection of wild animals, Pamela asked how difficult is it to obtain Russian citizenship. Anderson admitted that this idea seems quite reasonable, because it flows Russian blood, too.

“I love Russia, I love to come here, I felt kinship with the Russian culture!” she said. According to Pamela, Russian roots are in the maternal line. “I love that Russians love to push to the end!” — she added. By the way, the meeting went on quite a positive note. Anderson has received from the Russian side the gifts with the symbols of the leopard, whose guardian recently it is.

We will remind that not so long ago, received a Russian passport American actor Steven Seagal. He, however, dreamed of a cherished citizenship much longer than Pamela. The actor is very proud that his grandmother is originally from Vladivostok. “My father is full — blooded Russian, his entire family from Vladivostok. I love Russia, I love to come here!” — said Stephen. He also added that it is very proud that he has got many friends and relatives living in the far East.