Ольга Бузова прокомментировала свой роман с хоккеистом
TV presenter appealed for support to loved ones.

Olga Buzova with her friend

Photo: @buzova86 (Instagram Olga Buzova)

Olga Buzova recently provoked discussions on the new novel. The fact that a couple of days ago, Olga appeared as a cheerleader on the podium of the match of the Russian national hockey team. It should be noted that before the TV star was not distinct passion for hockey. As a result, many mass-media there were assumptions that Buzova started a new novel. In lovers the not-yet-divorced Olga recorded one of the athletes, released that day on the ice. However, Olga herself denies the existence of a new a love interest.

“I wonder if I go to the ballet, I will attribute the novel with Tsiskaridze? Or, God forbid, with Volochkova?” — ironically noticed Buzova. By the way, Olga turned for support to his family. She flew to his native St. Petersburg, where he celebrated the birthday of his beloved grandmother and also talked with their parents. It is possible that the approaching New year, she will celebrate with family. Moreover, the day before the holiday she has to obtain divorce from her husband that is likely to affect the willingness of the presenter to have fun new year’s eve.

Husband Buzovoy Dmitry Tarasov after the break with Olga and also more time with their relatives. The player flew to rest on the sea, taking with him his sister and mother. In addition, he became much more likely to see his daughter from his first marriage — angelina and the rumour, with her mother, with whom he divorced not long before had an affair with Olga.