Краски для внутренней отделки стен

Paint materials are widely used for internal walls in apartments and houses, compared with the Wallpaper and other finishing options they have a number of advantages. The use of textured paint Sniezka allows you to create an original and unique design in the room, giving the surface an interesting texture. For residential premises, you can use hypoallergenic paints, which do not cause allergic reactions and are characterized by safety, reliability and optimum consumption.

The main advantages of paint for the walls

The main advantages of paint for interior walls in the apartment include:

  • a wide selection of colors and shades;
  • the possibility of creation of the original interior;
  • affordable cost;
  • long operational life;
  • moisture resistance;
  • easy maintenance and the possibility of wet cleaning;
  • the ability to hide minor defects and irregularities of the walls.

For those who have Pets, the colouring of surfaces is the most appropriate option, since such walls do not attract animals. Special water-based paint decorative and protective function, they have antiseptic, which prevents mold and mildew. Before painting it is necessary to carefully prepare the surface, clean from dust and dirt and to align the wall. Should strictly observe the application of the technology to get the desired result.

Especially the choice of material for painting interior walls

When choosing paint, consider a number of factors, which include surface type, drying speed, consistency and composition, the technology applied, the rates of water vapor and moisture resistance, as well as safety for human health and maintenance requirements.

Colorful materials are a matte, semi and gloss. Feature glossy coating is undemanding care and the ability to perform wet cleaning. This material is used to finish ceilings or decorative individual items.

A matte finish tends to hide minor irregularities, the result is a smooth surface, and light colors visually expand the space. Semi-matte coating has the advantages of matte and glossy paints, perfectly emphasizes the originality of the interior. One of the most important properties of a paint is its spreading rate, which depends on a smooth surface. With the help of convenient and easy online calculator you can calculate material consumption with the surface area of the room.

Depending on the type of paint for its application can be used roller, brush or spray. Given the composition, the colorful materials can be silicone, oil, magnetic, and water-based. To paint walls in the bathroom and the kitchen is recommended to choose a silicate, or alkyd color formulations that are resistant to moisture, extremes of temperature and are easy to clean.

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