Как выбрать хорошую детскую стоматологию в Киеве?

Children’s doctor is different from the adult theoretical and practical knowledge. Children’s age differs for diseases and their manifestation. Depending on the characteristics of pathological processes in the maxillofacial region is dental treatment. Requires psychological knowledge, because kids tend increased energy and high pain threshold. The fear of dentist occurred in childhood almost can not be corrected, resulting in psychological problems in adult life.
Before the first trip to the dentist with your child it is important to pay attention to the choice of the institution. Qualified personnel will provide an individual approach to young patients with the use of innovative technologies in pediatric dentistry in Kiev Lumi-dent.

Qualified staff

The basis of pediatric dentistry is not beautiful exterior and interior of the clinic and knowledgeable staff. The dentist should possess such abilities:

  • knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the child’s body,
  • knowledge of the peculiarities of the manifestation of the disease in children,
  • knowledge of preventive methods
  • psychological knowledge.

Adults approaches used by the dentist, will not help to cope with the child. Gaming form of communication, a term of endearment and professional approach physicians pediatric dentistry in Kiev guarantee contact with the child and their successful treatment. From benevolent physician more likely to explain to fidget about preventive methods, the basics of caring for the oral cavity and dental care.

Get rid of fear of dentist

Why do kids get the fear of dentists that follows into adulthood? In Soviet times painful manipulation was carried out without anaesthetic, that now is nonsense. Choose medical institution, where doctors carried out dental treatment to children only with anesthesia. Strong painful feelings and psychological shock will lead to faulty results and will only lead treatment efforts to failure.


For diagnosis, prophylactic and therapeutic procedures in pediatric dentistry in Kiev Lumi-dent use of new technology. Computer modeling, 3Shape Trios intraoral scanner, and computer anesthesia STA allow to achieve excellent results safely and painlessly.
Dental treatment under the microscope Seiler IQ allows professionals to obtain a detailed image under magnification, which ensures a high level of control and quality of therapeutic manipulation. In the clinic Lumi-dent uses an innovative diagnostic system bite T-SCAN. The device is painless, accurate and easy to use.


Reviews can be found on Internet resources to search for and monitoring of medical institutions in Kiev. Find reviews on forums and specialized sites. A high ratio of positive feedback says about the harmonious and professional work of the clinic. Pay attention to the negative reviews to be prepared for all the nuances.

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