Оззи Осборн скупил все вещи Black Sabbath и сорвал аукцион

At 30 September was planned auction, at which the main lots was supposed to be the personal belongings of the band BlackSabbath. Today the organizers of the trade have announced that they will not take place. The reason for the cancellation of the auction was an unusual decision, the family of Ozzy Osbourne.

They decided that they can’t let personal things get in the wrong hands, because all the exposed items are purchased personally.

The sum of transaction is not called, but Flintoft added that the lots were interested, many fans and private collectors.

Among the for sale items were cards that Osborn sent his mother Lillian from touring, archival images of the band members, flyers and posters of concerts, as well as drafts of songs Black Sabbath. All of these items were discovered by fan during repair of an apartment in the East end of London in 1980.