Виктория Боня призналась, что очень много пьет

Victoria Bonya tries to match the level socialite Monaco, where she lives, because the former star of telestroke “Dom-2” looks more than carefully. The result is obvious! To any social outlet or in everyday life Bonya looks pretty decent, and help her little secrets, which she regularly shares with his fans in social networks.

So, on his page in the microblog Bonya told that it helps to overcome the autumn Blues. The recipe was simple to genius.

“There are two prescription. When lazy and do not want is the body makes a sign that he lacks something. Maybe endorphins. And then it is necessary – even by force – to force yourself to do sports, to go to the gym, run 20 minutes. That’s the minimum! 30 minutes is better, but perfect to start with 40. As soon as the body was sweating and went to the release of hormones, the mood immediately improved and you want to dance,” says Victoria.

The second thing, be sure to pay attention to proper nutrition.

“Food very much. On this subject you can find a lot of literature. I would recommend to read a Chinese study about nutrition. When people start to get sick, need to find out what they eat. No matter the allergies they have, cancer or something else. It is important to understand what you eat, what sort of ingredients. Watch what you buy is processed or unnatural sweets. If you were to exercise and eat right, you will never tired you will never have depression. I don’t know this word – depression!” says Bonia.

Of course, Victoria could not ignore the question about what helps her to keep slim.

“I can eat anything. I was just lucky, because I have a good metabolism, – says Victoria. But I only take organic food products I have are all either from the market or from bio-stores. And I eat a little, that’s the secret. I never overeat. I don’t depend on food. I drink a lot”.