Семейная драма Александра Серова: внебрачная дочь требует от него 1,5 млн евро

A few years ago, the Russian media spread news that the singer Alexander Serov was an illegitimate daughter. A tiller works she said that brief affair with the singer had ended with the birth of a child.

The woman demanded to conduct a DNA paternity test, but Alexander long and stubbornly refused, saying that relationship to someone else’s child, he has not.

Desire is desire, and the court still forced the contractor to hand over your biomaterial. And, lo and behold! The test showed a positive result, Alexander’s father daughter Natalia.

However, for all Serov remained the same. Child he does not recognize. And in light of recent news hardly ever recognize. The fact that your star dads, Kristina demands a little little 110 million rubles. Dad owes child support, as they say.

Serov remained adamant: “DNA Test is a provocation, why did I go there? It is a mystic right kind. For that she requires the money? I don’t understand. 110 million is half a million euros. I haven’t talked to her and will not talk. This child is a victim of mom’s are idiots”.

Note an interesting fact: according to Natalia, Alexander to the coming of age of the girl was paying her alimony. Now the tiller works is outraged that after 18 years of Serov did not give a penny. Now the girl is 27 years.

While Natalia and Christina contend, Alexander requires a re-examination of DNA to find the truth and put an end to this story.