Холли Берри призналась, что красота мешала ее карьере

Actress Halle berry, who has taken part in this year’s sixth decade, charming and attractive. The beauty of this Hollywood star is undeniable. That’s only if it’s her dignity at the beginning of her acting career she was more of a disadvantage.

In a recent interview, Halle confessed that at first, her attractive appearance, she is only bothered: “I came to cinema from the world of beauty pageants and modeling. As soon as people learned about it, then immediately threw up on me as an actress”.

In the end, berry had to work more other colleagues, to prove filmmakers that she is not only attractive in appearance. Behind the beautiful face lies something more.

For example, in the spike Lee film “jungle fever” she had a very long time to persuade the Director to give her the role of a drug addict Vivian. Seeing the pressure with which Holly demanded role, the Director could not refuse her and not lost.

We can say that this role was the starting point, and then berry began to take more seriously. During his career, the actress has managed to bring dozens of different images, from the fatal Babes to female patients of a psychiatric clinic.