Канье Вест расстроен, что его творчество не понимают

American rapper and producer Kanye West, who for several years now, not very successfully trying to create as a fashion designer, very upset that people misunderstood his latest show, held in the framework of the Week of high fashion in new York.

Critics have smashed to smithereens the new collection, and the terrible conditions in which she was held. So, the new show, Kanye said: “if a hundred Kim Kardashian in a worn out linen”, and generally shamed Adidas for a collection. Models were dying of heat and thirst, fell into a swoon, the venue was well chosen. Disappoint and the organizers of the screening caused a traffic jam on the road, and even Kim Kardashian was late to the screening of his wife..
In an interview with W magazine the news had to justify himself. Kanye said that he was very sad that no one understands his work.
“My interest in fashion was sparked when I was five. I began to pick out clothes for kindergarten, and now so does my daughter and so behaved when my mom is at the store fur. She always paid attention to the most expensive things, so I inherited good taste..
Can’t say that everything in the world of fashion now on my side, and I certainly don’t like it. I just don’t understand yet, and will understand only when I’m gone” said Kanye.
Knowing how West loves himself, we can guess that he’s going to live happily ever after, and that means understanding the audience of his work will have to wait.