Олег Газманов разбавил интерьер шкурой медведя

25 Jul singer Oleg Gazmanov has celebrated his 65th birthday. Of course, with such a serious date musician was congratulated by his family, friends and colleagues. In this day Gazmanov received many interesting gifts, but one of them especially was amazed and impressed.

The birthday boy gave the skin of the slain bear. To abandon such expensive things Gazmanov did not, on the contrary made it a part of your interior – now the animal skin adorns the hall in the house of the musician.

While Oleg is happy to present elegant and boasts of them in the social network Instagram, his followers angry. Apparently, the followers Gazmanov only animal rights activists who in one voice say something like: “to kill a life that would decorate the floor! CRUEL! DESPICABLE!”.

By the way, the dog Gazmanov Spitz named ENKA did not appreciate the gift and reacted negatively to “a new master in the house.” Commentators on the network and then kept his head: “That dog understands how awful it is to have a home killed a living creature, and man is not. Very sad.”

And what about the gift Gazmanov do you think?