Мама Данилы Козловского мешает его семейному счастью

Danila Kozlovsky at the moment can be called one of the most eligible bachelors in the world of Russian cinema. Despite the fact that the actor is in a relationship with Olga Zueva married couple that is not going, so fans Kozlowski there is a small chance to win his heart.

However, there will have to face a difficult character mother of Daniel, with whom he shares all details of his personal life and the advice which often listens.

Details of communication with mom and Daniel told reporters the grandmother of actor Aviette Ivanovna.

So, Aviette Ivanovna said they believe the mother of the grandson is guilty of the fact that his marriage with the Polish actress Magdalena Ursulas Malka broke up: “Dan was only 20 years old when they got married – said the grandmother. – Urszula same five years older than him and, of course, knew that sooner or later she will have to share her husband with groupies. She had prepared for this. Hope was always dissatisfied with Ursulas: called her neurotic, said that the Tu should be treated: like, too jealous, my husband constantly rolls his scenes. Maybe they fought sometimes, like any normal couple, but quickly reconciled. The grandson felt for Ursula strong feelings, and maybe they would still be good, if not a mother.”

Aviette Ivanovna says that the jealousy of the mother of Daniel to the rest of the female sex has sometimes maniacal character. Even his Association with the grandmother she can’t see exactly: “It has a tremendous impact. Moreover, Hope is jealous of Dan’ku to the entire female sex, even to me. We work closely to communicate, so here is her appear claims in my address. Perhaps we do not communicate, if he is not persuaded. Nadia no doubt would interfere with family happiness Danko. She doesn’t want to share with anyone your boy.”