Внебрачная дочь Серова требует от отца 100 миллионов рублей

The girl still hopes that the star father her recognize and help financially.

About illegitimate child singer spoke a couple of years ago. Then some Hope the tiller works said that has a daughter from a casual relationship with Serov. Moreover, a DNA test confirmed the paternity… But Alexander himself, though the girl was paying child support to 18 years, to accept her wishes!

But the 28-year-old Christine (the name of the daughter of Hope, the tiller works) doesn’t give up. And declared by Alexander’s father, and Michelle Serov – sister not only in networks but also in the television broadcast.

“He didn’t believe me, screaming. When I called to congratulate him on his birthday, he hung up and did not listen to me. I would, of course, did not prevent financial assistance. I want to receive his father’s inheritance because I am his daughter,” said Christine in the “Talk show” on NTV channel.

About Christine little is known. The girl, unlike Michelle, blonde. Yes, and vocal talents she does not. But Christine knows five foreign languages, studied in Germany and trained in China. Now she, like her mother, intends to seek re-DNA test and if the result will again be positive, demand from the celebrity father of 100 million rubles. This is the sum of mother and daughter appreciate her heritage.

As to Serov, he does not understand why have to pay. And any questions about Kristen reacts loudly and very angrily.