Outbreak under the old name

Вспышка эпидемии под старым названием At the end of last year, began rampant disease with a diagnosis of “illegitimate children of famous parents.”

First, a Timur Eremeev made a statement that his father is a famous actor Spartak Mishulin. A young man with his mother Tatiana even did a DNA test (the sample was taken a suit of Carlson, whose role Mishulin shone on a scene of Theatre of satire). Dear daughter of actor Karina (she was playing in the same theater as his father) so shocked what is happening, what to find out the truth she is going to sue with his half-brother and even gave consent for the exhumation of the deceased twelve years ago, father.

Very recent history: 28-year-old Dmitry Fedotov – by the way, like two drops of water similar to artist Vyacheslav Shalevich – said whose son he is. To find out whether this will be in this case on the basis of DNA analysis of native son Shalevich – Ivan.

And a week in the program “live” all points over “i” will be placed.