Irina Bezrukova chooses the house

Ирина Безрукова выбирает дом Two weeks ago, the actress returned from a holiday in the Altai and thinking about purchasing real estate in those parts. Irina Bezrukova wants to find a place where he could leave to rejuvenate and to relax from the hustle of Moscow.
Ирина Безрукова выбирает дом

Actress Irina Bezrukov has spent some time in the Altai. She remained under pleasant impression from nature and now reflects on how to buy a house there. The artist dreams that she had where she could fly for some time to recuperate in privacy.

“I have conquered the local fresh air, sun, frost, snow, – says Irina with “StarHit”. – So much in the mountains that I thought would be great at least for a fortnight to escape from the city fuss, to disconnect. Will soon go on tour and continue to engage their brainchild – a project to Teplokommunenergo: ‘ll help the blind theater-goers to understand what is happening on stage.”

The main requirements of Bezrukovoj to the house – it was located on the waterfront and had a view of the mountains. “Let is far away from other cottages, all the same I will come there for privacy,” continues the actress.

Before purchasing again doctor plans to fly to Altai, stay in guest houses in different areas and to understand where she’s most comfortable. She wants a closer look at the place, which is planning to spend a lot of time in the near future. Despite the fact that she already has some variants, the actress is in no hurry to make a final choice.

“Already liked a few houses, but still can’t decide to end. Want to find the perfect home to me”, says Irina.

Bezrukov admitted to “StarHit” that she has to communicate with a huge number of people during shoots, and social events. That’s why she’s in recovery, being alone with their own thoughts.

“And even in apartment gets only at night to wash off makeup, take a shower and go to bed. Enjoy Breakfast and dinner in this time trouble the house no time! As a rule, between work I’ll pop down to the cafe or to the store for yogurt. And in the fridge I can find non-perishable products. To put things in order helps the housekeeper coming once a week for General cleaning, is to carve out a couple hours”, – told Irina.