Отар Кушанашвилли намекнул на причины увольнения Бориса Корчевникова

Otaru cusanelli painful to think about the dismissal of Boris Korchevnikov from the post of presenter of the program “live”. In this he confessed showman and a journalist to my colleagues. He said that we are talking about the dismissal of the channel, and not about Boris’s desire to leave alone.
According to cusanelli, this whole dismissal shows “what men can be pigs”. Boris believes he is the perfect lead for this show, but how to help him he doesn’t know.

“I don’t know how to help Bor, because when the channel guide says in these conversations is not more truth than live sound in the Kai Metowe. And live sound in Kai Metowe never happened. I know that Bob is fired. I know that, and it hurts me, because Boris korchevnikov my friend was, is and will be” — said Otar.
But most of all cusanelli angry about the fact that the place Korchevnikov now get Dmitry Shepelev. This development is a showman considers “worse for everyone.”
“Shepelev was almost driven to suicide the mother of my friend Janna Friske Olga Vladimirovna. He did not bring her son after the funeral to grandma and grandpa held him in my arms.. All the talk about morality coming from him – still talking about Sergei Zverev about naturalism.
And I assure you that it will take a week and I’ll give you a full review of how I chose Dmitry Shepelev for one reason only: to Konstantin L. Ernst to outdo”said cusanelli.
We will remind that since March, the program “live”, aired on the TV channel Russia 1, changes: Boris Korchevnikov the post leading will replace Dmitry Shepelev.