Жена бросила звезду «бондианы» Дэниела Крейга

Autumn of last year, foreign media there was news that the family of Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz are not so smooth. Then this rumor is very few people believed, because in all seven years that the couple together scandalous news about them appeared.

But, it seems, the basis for messages about the separation of actors all-taki was. Today insiders more confident that Craig and Weiss don’t live together. And the reason for that was jealousy. And not only to the opposite sex, but also to work.

Rachel — important actress, a schedule of its filming scheduled for several years ahead, and she works side by side with famous actors-men. Besides, rumor has it that a married Weiss does not hesitate to flirt with colleagues.

Craig is professional achievements can not boast. The most striking of his appearance on the screen was James bond, from the filming of the sequel which, by the way, he constantly refuses.

It is worth saying that about the official divorce of steam does not speak. Craig and Weiss do not give comments about it.

I hope reconciliation is still held.

We will remind, meeting of the pair took place on the set of the film “House of dreams” in 2010. A year later the actors were married, and did it secretly in the presence of only four guests.