Поступок Джамалы вызвал негодование в сети

Ukrainian viewers accusing the popular singer Jamal, last year’s winner of the musical contest “Eurovision” in the star disease. The scandal occurred during the broadcast of the show “the Voice”, where Crimean Tatar singer is the chair judge.

During the execution of one of the contestants Saltanat Jamal Ashirova turned with Potapov (Alexey Potapenko).
“What have you done to us? Why do you have so long tormented? You did everything that we didn’t look back. I want to ask you: why you have not fulfilled a very important move in this song that everybody was waiting for?” said Jamal, and getting with the coaching of the chair, beginning to show the contestant how to sing.

After Ashirova again played an excerpt, Jamal said that he refused to see the girl in his team. This caused a wave of indignation among the public and even colleagues of the singer Tina Karol, all the emotions which seemed to have been written on her face.
At this moment in the Network at the head Jamala was accused of star disease, and unethical behavior. Many believe that she should apologize to the contestant, to somehow mitigate his shameful act.