Детдом или семья: какую судьбу для Матвея Иванова выберут взрослые The kidnapping of baby Matthew Ivanov has received unexpected continuation. The investigators found that the boy, missing in 2014, alive. It turned out that it was stolen by another resident of the hospital. The woman lost her baby, so decided to take this action. Now it wants to judge for kidnapping Matthew.

      Детдом или семья: какую судьбу для Матвея Иванова выберут взрослые

      The story of Matvey Ivanov (Egor Spehova) began two years ago. In June 2014 a boy was born in one of maternity hospitals Dedovsk. The child’s mother, 20-year-old Lyudmila, have decided to abandon it. Newborn baby left in the house. A few days later he disappeared from the hospital. A criminal case was initiated. Initially, the main suspects was the grandmother of Matthew and her husband. Relatives of the missing child was even arrested, but for lack of evidence they were released.

      The search led investigators to a nearby town where the boy lives in a new family. Law enforcement officials found out that the child was abducted by a woman who was in the same hospital in June 2014. The 40-year-old patient then had a miscarriage. She learned that in the hospital left a baby who has been abandoned by the family. The woman decided to take the child himself. According to some, by this act, she didn’t know that the kid – “refusenik”.

      Now the boy’s name is Egor Spahiu, he lives in a full family and doesn’t need anything. Law enforcement officers traced the child after the employer Helena informed them that her son’s fake birth certificate. 40-year-old Spehova provided at the time wanted to apply for benefits on the child.

      After that the investigators went to the house where lived a woman and her family. There they saw a boy who fit the description of the missing child. It turned out that the husband of Elena knew nothing about the situation and believed that Yegor is his son. The child was sent for examination to the hospital, through the examination to establish his identity.

      Детдом или семья: какую судьбу для Матвея Иванова выберут взрослые

      During interrogation Spehova confessed to kidnapping the boy. According to people familiar with the woman’s family, Egor was taken care of, he bought everything needed, the new mother cared for the baby, gulala with him and played. Now, however, Elena threatens till 15 years of imprisonment for kidnapping a baby.

      According to representatives of Investigatory Committee, in this situation will have to act solely in the best interests of the child.

      “The investigative Committee is always responsible and attentive to the protection of children’s rights, in this case, intends to act in strict accordance with applicable law and with the interests of the child, because it can re-losing his mother, which, though not gave birth to him, but could provide life in a complete family surrounding you with love and care”, – told the employees of SC.
      Детдом или семья: какую судьбу для Матвея Иванова выберут взрослые

      This story caused a wide resonance in the Network. Many residents of the Istrinsky district, believe that we need to support Elena Spehova. One of the resources was published a petition in which they urge the authorities to resolve the situation in favor of the 40-year-old woman. In the opinion of the people who signed the document, the return of Yegor Elena is the only right solution.

      “The purpose of the petition: help Matthew as soon as possible to return to loving his mom and dad, who even did not go through legal adoption, but truly cared about the boy. We can’t wait! This can cause injury to a child for life! People, help to collect signatures against this outrage!” – said in a published document.

      Many users of social networks said that the child may suffer greatly if he give the family his mother. Some people have commented on the situation, spoke sharply about the rights of mothers and children in Russia. “The child should be with those parents who need it who love him and care about him, even if they are not relatives”, “we Must act primarily in the interests of the baby! He’s better off with foster parents than in an orphanage or with relatives of their parents! The baby is now stress! Here it is necessary to act against all the laws!” – I think the users of social networks who have signed the petition.

      “StarHit” contacted the President of the Russian Association of Telephone Emergency Psychological Assistance Andrei Cuminum and learned how all this situation may affect the child. The expert noted that the real mother of the boy is the one that raised him. According to the expert, after Elena had a miscarriage that she had experienced psychological trauma. “It seemed to her that nobody can do no harm if she does the child will be taken, thus retaining its picture of the world, plans”, – Andrey has explained to the alleged motives Pahovoj.

      Fireplace believes that in any case the boy is good with people he knows from the first days of his life. According to experts, a child should not have to go to the hospital, as it is a huge stress.

      “This situation will affect his development. It would be good if the boy was in the hospital with those whom he knows. The probability that the baby will have mental problems – 100%. As a rule, in such cases, no one thinks of how to take all of this two-year-old,” said Andrew.

      The therapist hopes that Matthew will continue to live with Elena, and she will avoid criminal punishment. “When he grows up, he will be 10 years, she will have to tell you that she is the adoptive mother. But in eight years she will find the words”, – said Kanin.