Gleb Zhemchugov about addiction: “It’s a lie and a provocation”

Глеб Жемчугов о наркозависимости: «Это ложь и провокация» The man shared his view on the situation. Today appeared information that the former participant “Houses-2” Gleb Zhemchugov left the project, allegedly due to taking amphetamines and conflict with the producers of the acclaimed reality show.

      The end of last year was tough for the stars of the reality show “Dom-2” Gleb Zhemchugova. The man was very worried because of separation from his wife Olga and Wind, underwent liposuction, and before the holidays decided to leave the famous telestroke. Now he was accused that he allegedly uses amphetamines. According to some information, he was forced to take the tests, the results of which showed that he took illegal drugs. Supposedly, this forced project managers to part with the brightest participant of the project. “StarHit” contacted by Zhemchugova that he personally commented on the situation.

      “It’s a lie and a provocation. I have not passed any tests and certainly didn’t take anything, – said Gleb our publication. For the perimeter I did not put, project management I have a great relationship. We congratulate each other on holidays, and there are no conflicts between us”.

      Many viewers and fans is alarming that the reasons for his departure Pearls did not spread much. Only after a while he said that he really wanted to sing goodbye to the participants “House-2” your song. However, the man failed. “When all received prize money and contribution to the project, I was meanwhile not allowed to enter, though for me was the award, the song had to sing… But I wanted to be a rock-n-roll in life, always that was the end of my act on the “House-2″ and always wanted to go to the music!” – wrote in the social network of play.

      Fans were surprised that after leaving the project Zhemchugova wife Olga the Wind, the man decided to continue to participate in a reality show in hopes to find new love. However, he assured that all efforts to save the family, but the attempts ended in failure. Gleb Zhemchugov: “Olga would not file for alimony after a divorce”

      “I did everything I could and that allowed my mental strength, – said Gleb “StarHit”. – No “point of no return” was not. And I did not think it necessary to kneel or be on duty under the porch to get it all back. I marked its position, said he was ready to leave the “House-2”, some priorities in life change in order to keep the family together. But to all my questions or suggestions I heard in response only “no.” After that I decided that we should move on and build new relationships.”