Орнелла Мути попала в больницу Italian beauty has broken her arm. Ornella Muti the day before I went to the “emergency” to put a cast on the injured limb. The eldest daughter of actress kept up to date with everything happening with mom and her fans.

      Italian actress Ornella Muti the last Sunday in the hospital. The woman was taken away in the ambulance. After a thorough examination at the clinic, she was diagnosed with a serious fracture of his left hand. Her daughter, Nike, Rivelli always kept fans informed of what is happening with her mom. She regularly dobavliala in the social network of a new publication.

      “It was a tough night,” Nike wrote in a microblog.

      Fans had been not a little frightened by the fact that their favorite actress was in the hospital. The daughter Ornella did not specify the circumstances under which her mother was so hurt. The girl even decided to brighten her stay in the clinic and kissed the plaster mother with her friend. They left a bright lipstick that really amused Turbidity.

      Fans of the actress supported her in a difficult hour, and wished her a speedy recovery.

      Now Ornella is located in Rome. Not so long ago it acquired luxury housing in the heart of Moscow. In Russia she intended to move to be closer to her lover, Frenchman Fabrice Kerherve, who for many years in our country. Muti wanted to see more choice, and therefore decided to buy a luxury apartment in the capital.

      “Every parting with them is hard for me. We are very attached to each other. We are all as one. But children have their own lives, their jobs, their families. At Nike, my eldest daughter, son; Caroline, son and daughter; my son’s work in Italy: he is also an actor and starred in many movies. They can’t follow me,” said the artist.

      She is specially started to learn the language to fully immerse into the culture. Ornella admitted that she has Russian roots, which she’s very proud of. Italian film star was lost when fans recognize her on the streets of Moscow and began her to say something. She felt a little uncomfortable due to the fact that do not understand Russian and cannot answer the fans. And in the summer of 2015, chief editor of the “StarHit” Andrei Malakhov said that Ornella even willing to accept Russian citizenship.