«Красавицу и чудовище» могут запретить в России A children’s musical with participation of stars of the “Harry Potter” Emma Watson was at the center of the scandal. Some social media users are outraged by one of the characters in the picture. In this regard, the state Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov asked the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky to check.

      «Красавицу и чудовище» могут запретить в России

      16 March in Russia will premiere the long-awaited Disney film “Beauty and the beast”, which was played by Dan Stevens, Emma Watson, Luke Evans and Ewan McGregor. However, as recently revealed, the event may not take place. In some U.S. theaters musical, recommended for viewing by persons aged six years, fell out of favor of the distributors. So, the tape was banned in Alabama.

      The fact that many resent one of the characters of children’s tales. He was a representative of sexual minorities. Journalists reported that the Director bill Condon, as an activist of the LGBT movement, decided to devote his painting to the poet Howard Asmenu. He worked on the songs to the original cartoon and died shortly before his release in 1991.

      “Lefou’s the kind of guy who now wants to be Gaston, but the tomorrow wants to kiss Gaston. Confused by his own thoughts. This is a man who has just realized his feelings,” said Condon in an interview.
      «Красавицу и чудовище» могут запретить в России

      The man also said that the film will be a “sweetheart” scene on gays.

      The other day my opinion about the upcoming premiere of the musical was expressed by the Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov. He asked the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky to check. According to Milonov, he had received many complaints, the authors Express concern about the possible propaganda of non-traditional relationships.

      “I am convinced that the main task of the state towards children is to protect children and youth from the dirt of the world, saving innocence, the protection of our children from the corrupting and dangerous effects. And in this case our common goal is to prevent the release of this musical is by no means”, – is spoken in the letter of the Deputy.

      In his message, Milonov said that in Russia there are no legal or other restrictions on the fulfillment of artists and the decision to release the movie in theaters will be made only for reasons of economic benefit. “But in this case the public can not see the silence on that offer film distributors under the guise of a children’s fairy tale”, – quotes the Deputy of the state Duma, RIA Novosti reported.

      Disney has not yet responded to the attacks are dissatisfied with the content of the picture. March 6 was scheduled for a press preview of the musical, but it was canceled at the last moment citing technical reasons. Some journalists attribute this event erupted around the film scandal.