Missing two years ago, the boy was found in Tver wilderness

Пропавший два года назад мальчик был найден в Тверской глуши Serguei Shmagin returned unharmed. After his father allegedly took away fishing, the mother knew nothing about the whereabouts of his son. In 2014, the man left the Magadan region and decided to become a hermit with the boy.

      Пропавший два года назад мальчик был найден в Тверской глуши

      For two and a half years all of Russia was following the news about the missing boy Sergei Shmagin. It seems that the story had a happy ending. Contrary to the worst fears, the boy returned home unharmed.

      In July 2014, a resident of the village of khasyn, Magadan region Natalia Shmagin has addressed in law enforcement bodies with a request to find her two year old son Serezha. According to the woman, the child’s father Vasily Lysyuk decided to spend time with a boy fishing. However, the man with the heir did not return home. Three days after Natalie gave her son, she learned that her ex-husband left Magadan oblast together with Sergei. For two and a half years their whereabouts were not known.

      Recently, the four boys still managed to find and bring home to meet mother. As it turned out, for a long time – namely, the entire period that he conducted his search in the land, he lived with his dad in the Tver region.

      “James recognized me in a few minutes we had already seen photos, videos with his participation. He is only spiritually I feel. Contact, communication needs to start from scratch,” the mother told about the first meeting.
      Пропавший два года назад мальчик был найден в Тверской глуши

      Vasily and Natalia broke up when their son was only a year and a half. The reason was irreconcilable differences and regular beatings that the man had made a civil wife. With your child, Natalia fled to the village near Magadan, however, where they found Basil. According to the court decision, the boy lived with his mother, and the father had every right to meet with the child during designated days and hours at the location of the women. Also the man has accumulated debt of alimony – 150 thousand rubles. Serge is the name of the mother, as soon as he was born Vasily refused to record the baby on your name. Only after some time it woke up his father’s feelings and he officially recognized the son.

      Since the abduction, the mother of little Seryozha forgot about sleep, taking everything to find the child. In the course of the investigation surfaced new details about the man who dared to take him from mom. The woman said that before the kidnapping of her ex-husband began to behave strangely – he became interested in religious literature, which greatly frightened her.

      “Before the incident, he went to his village to a priest, tried to give me religious literature, some obscure herbs brought. Then he began to call and say that his demons in the underground drag. Claimed that comes to him the devil, a voice tells him that will take him to hell. Supposedly me and he saw the image of the devil. Can you imagine what my mind went, when they went missing. Such a horror will not want to survive,” – says the woman.
      Пропавший два года назад мальчик был найден в Тверской глуши

      This fact gave rise to during the search to focus on the monasteries and temples. According to some reports, Vasily first took him to Moscow, then to Brest Belarus, then went to eagle, and finished the flight in the village Garlosa Tver region. Also do not rule out in other cities – Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Udmurtia and Buryatia. According to investigators, a man and a boy traveled by hitchhiking.

      The story of a missing boy from Magadan region has touched the hearts of many people in our country. In social networks people are sharing information, to get on the trail of the kidnapper. These efforts have brought some success. In 2015, similar to Basil man with a child was seen near Tver. However, law enforcement officers arrived too late. Neighbors who noticed the suspicious man reported that father and child had already left.

      It is known that the boy was allergic and congenital inguinal hernia, and therefore without quality care, his health could be seriously shaken. After unsuccessful attempts to find little Sergei investigative Department brought Lysiuk charges under article “Murder”.

      Пропавший два года назад мальчик был найден в Тверской глуши

      As it turned out, the man and the boy lived in 200 kilometers from Tver among the monks and hermits. According to residents of a nearby village, they were confused by the appearance of the clergy – their hands were tattooed, and they wore a small knife. In that village Lysyuk, who now, by his own admission, suffers from the fact that he took the child. This man declares that he intends to fight for the right to educate an heir.

      The villagers speak well of Basil. They thought he was a good father who takes incredible care of his son and instilling in him love for religion. According to them, the boy knows the prayers and dad regularly goes to service.

      “I have not seen such a mother, so take good care of the child. Bob is so responsible person, but the child how to take care! Fruits the boy is not translated, Bob the dumplings he he want, the whole good clothes, toys, bike, scooter, sled. – says a neighbor Lysiuk the correspondent of the publication “Tarigrad”. – A boy brought up, brought me something, I say “Thank you” and he says “No thank you, and God bless to speak correctly.” Because Bob is Orthodox, every holiday they go to the service, the child knows the prayers and praying.”

      “I have a very serious situation, the son was taken away, the living is severed. I for Sergei to continue to fight, how to succeed,” said the man.

      Apparently, the big story of kidnapping, despite the current circumstances, is not yet complete. Probably the parents of little Seryozha Shmagin have yet to meet in court to resolve the issue concerning the meetings of the father with the child. After the necessary examinations will be resolved, whether Lysyuk to see my son after all that had happened. Yet, according to preliminary data, the boy feels well, he is willing to contact with people, a lot of talking and playing. In short, it is obvious that the baby was kept in acceptable conditions.