Orlando bloom was caught with a sexy Italian

Орландо Блума подловили с соблазнительной итальянкой
The actor spun a new passionate affair.

Orlando bloom and Maya Sansa


Orlando bloom, arrived in Rome for the premiere of his new movie “Romans” at the Rome film festival,
puzzled guests. The fact that he appeared on the red carpet with
beauty, well known Italian actress Maya Sansa. Meanwhile, little
who was aware of what they are familiar with. Though
Maya had no relation to the film bloom, he kept it on the whole
evening. Moreover, the 40-year-old Orlando even took her with him on stage during
a short press conference prior to the show, sat with me near and
gently holding her hand. And Maya gave him admiring glances and laughed at
all of his jokes.

also, after the event, as we found out to follow a couple
reporters sans bloom are not left for their hotels, and went on
a walk around the night Rome. And the paparazzi managed to shoot, as they wandered along
the streets of the city arm in arm. He gently had his arm around her waist, she hugged him
shoulders. So they walked all night, pressed against each other…

managed to find out later, bloom and Sansa are familiar for a long time – they
met when both went to the same acting school London — the Guildhall Scholl of Music and Drama. However, on the night of the premiere that can
to witness how numerous guests of the festival, and to follow
a couple of paparazzi, their behavior is less likely resembled a meeting only “two
old friends.” It was impossible not to notice that both involved

However, Orlando is now quite can afford
a new novel, because the actor is not bound. In the beginning
last year, he broke up with Katy Perry, and since then has not yet got
constant friend. And here at Maya after her night walks with bloom can
be problems. The fact that a few years ago, she got engaged to
actor Fabrice Scott and bore him a daughter, Talita, who is now 4 years. However,
further developments will show whether the foundations of her relationship with fiance after
how photos of Maya with a known womanizer Orlando appeared in the press.