Diana Gurtskaya is looking for an opportunity to have a second child

Диана Гурцкая ищет возможность родить второго ребенка The singer regrets that at the time gave my son a brother or sister. Diana Gurtskaya told me about his biggest dream. The celebrity admitted that he wants to be the girl’s mother, and thinks great folly of his earlier thinking that will not be able to share my love for two children.
Диана Гурцкая ищет возможность родить второго ребенка

Popular singer Diana Gurtskaya and her husband, prominent lawyer Peter Kucherenko happy family life, they live in a marriage for more than twelve years and raising a ten year old son Kostya.

However, according to the singer, she now increasingly thinking about what would be a good mother and to one child. Diana Gurtskaya admitted that if possible, she will give birth to a second baby. The actress has hinted that he reproaches himself for what at the time was afraid to even think about how she will cope with two children.

“So I do not bore a second, a fool. It will be possible, would very much like daughter. There was a moment when Kostya was young, did not want to share my love for him with anyone, but now I understand that he needed a brother, a sister. What would I do without your brother Robert? Although we often argue, swear, because he still thinks of me as a child. Sometimes I begin to understand, I also difficult to hear when my son tells me that he has his own life. And brother I was a child, almost hand-fed,” – said the singer.

Singer often says in his interviews that was not sensitive to their fate and have long learned to live without the ability to see the world. But still, sometimes it is itself sighted and thinking about what I would like to see first.

“I am grateful to God for everything, but if I had the opportunity, I would love to see what he’s like, my son. But at least I don’t have vision, I can still see him with your heart!” – says Diana Gurtskaya.

The biggest tragedy for the artist considers early withdrawal from the life of the mother. 59-year-old Zaire Gurtskaya died of cancer in 2001, and a year later the singer dedicated it to the memory of their album, “You know, mother.”

“More than anything, I regret that my mom did not see my son Kostya, – confessed Diana Gurtskaya in an interview with “Interlocutor”. – If I had a time machine, I would have returned the mother, a time when we could be together for hours and really talk”.

Now the main pillar of Diana Gurtskaya is her husband Peter Kucherenko. The singer admitted that despite occasional differences, she finds the wife of the best man in the world and will never leave him.

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