Orlando bloom has hinted during the filming of “Pirates of the Caribbean 6”

Орландо Блум намекнул на съемки «Пиратов Карибского моря 6″

This month on the big screen a new part of the franchise “pirates of the Caribbean — Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales”. Approaching this event, the film-makers are increasingly spoiling moviegoers promotional materials, for example, a final trailer, and the main cast tease fans with hints of what may soon to be a continuation of the franchise.

On the sixth of the series “Pirates of the Caribbean” spoke recently Orlando bloom: “When we went to the Lego store, the first thing my son asked for a space ship, and the pirate ship,” – said Orlando bloom in a new interview. I’m sure Disney is going to make another part. I hinted that such a possibility”. The actor is confident that “Pirates…” is still loved by the audience and is incredibly popular and despite the fact that none of the subsequent parts after the first failed to surpass it at the box office, this, according to Orlando, about anything says.

The success of “Pirates of the Caribbean 5” actor entirely sure – according to him, Directors of the fifth part were able to reproduce the “simplicity and charm”, which at the time made the original “Pirates” is a real hit rental. “I saw the movie and it is a fantastic spectacle,” – said bloom.

Synopsis: “pirates of the Caribbean” is a series of adventure films about pirates in the Caribbean sea. The first film series “pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the Black pearl” was released on 9 July 2003. The success of the film inspired Walt Disney Pictures to make a trilogy, removing two more of the film.
7 July 2006 followed by a sequel — “pirates of the Caribbean: dead man’s Chest”. The film grossed over a billion dollars in worldwide box office, which put him in third place in the list of highest-grossing films (as of 2006).
25 may 2007 premiere of the third film, “pirates of the Caribbean: At world’s end”. The total fees for four films – $ 3.7 billion.