Теона Дольникова после родов столкнулась с предательством
The star of the musicals spoke about their experiences.

Teona Dolnikova son

Photo: @Instagram Teona dolnikova Dolnikova

Celebrities are known to face in life is absolutely the same problems as their fans. Teona Dolnikova recently openly talked about the fact that faced with the betrayal of a loved one. Artist are very emotionally accepted the insult. Their experiences she decided to share with the fans.

“Today I learned a lot about people, about the hypocrisy and immorality… About friendship, about true and honest, which can overcome any differences and about the integrity. Sad and free at the same time… And realized the most important thing! What is the most important person is the one who lies in my arms!” — said Theon. The details of what happened she chose not to disclose, probably in order not to provoke further scandal with the hero of her story.

In order to prevent the possible emergence of rumors that the artist is a drama happened in his personal life, Dolnikova said: “To Maxim and my family this is not true!”

Meanwhile, Theon, who gave birth to a son in March of this year, has gradually returned to secular life. Recently she for the first time after giving birth appeared on the opening of the exhibition of portraits of movie stars and television. The outputs of the actress under the spotlight will be infrequent, as Dolnikova yet are extremely dissatisfied with their appearance. During the pregnancy she gained over 20 pounds and now has thrown all the forces out to get rid of them. “This is a disaster, so I haven’t weighed ever in my life… But! I believe in myself! Believe in my willpower… I will lose the weight gradually and sensibly. Necessarily with sports, with that which now allowed me in my situation! With the advice of doctors and massage! And of course, first and foremost, not forgetting the health of my super crumbs!” he promised Theon.