Орландо Блум решил подправить «подмоченную» репутацию
The actor reconciled with his beloved.

Орландо Блум решил подправить «подмоченную» репутацию

Orlando Bloom


Katy Perry


Despite the fact that a month ago
it was reported that Orlando bloom broke up with his girlfriend, singer Katy Perry,
where he, like all thought, is going to marry, the actor changed his mind
and reunited with his beloved. And recently appeared together in public, they looked so
the same love as before. This all had the opportunity to see recently,
when the couple attended a hospital in Los Angeles. About
this was announced by the Internet site people.com.

Katie and Orlando came to children’s hospital not
accidentally. On Christmas eve they decided to congratulate the sick children on the holiday.
Bloom and his girlfriend is a good to prepare for the visit — they are stocked suitable to the occasion suits.
Orlando dressed as Santa Claus, and Katie portrayed his assistant. Throughout
visibility, bloom decided to take on the eve of good cause, and at the same time
to tweak your image a bit injured
this year after in a press there were scandalous photos
completely naked Orlando.

As expected
portrayed their characters, the actor and his friend brought with him gifts
for the kids, but were not limited to their distribution. Bloom and Katie enjoy singing along with
kids Christmas songs and were photographed for memory. And children
and were present during the visit of the two celebrity parents were just on
seventh heaven from happiness.

However the bloom and Peri
also looked very happy. The witnesses noticed that Orlando had a cast on Katie
love the look, and she answered him the same. What is all concluded that
their relationship is well again.
Recall that bloom and Peri, who began Dating about a year ago, as
claim almost broke up finally due to the fact that Cathy insisted on the wedding and
setting up a seed, and bloom said that to this completely unprepared.
It seems that pogrustim alone, he decided to go towards Peri. So
it is possible, we soon will hear more about their engagement.