Дженнифер Лопес приняла «эстафету» у Рианны
The actress has a new boyfriend.

Jennifer Lopez and Drake

Photo: @champagnepapi/Instagram

Jennifer Lopez, which in August this year I broke up with her lover-dancer
Casper Smart after nearly five-year-old novel, not long to be sad in
alone. According to Western media, she started Dating 30-year-old
rapper Drake. This was announced hollywoodlife.com.

it began with the fact that Jennifer and Drake started together some sort of musical
project. The first time when the couple once again came into the view
paparazzi, they did not particularly pay attention: I think it is just
on business cooperation. But after
as it three times “spotted” coming out of the apartment, Lopez in Los Angeles, where
Jennifer fulfills your engagement, there was a suspicion that her and rapper
share much besides music. And then Drake tweeted a photo
where he embraces lópez and accompanied it with lots of hearts-Emoji. And,
finally, he invited Lopez on romantic date, and not only so, but
rent for this evening the whole restaurant just for the two of them!

by the way, now there is nothing stopping Lopez to have a meaningful relationship with Drake –
after all, after parting ways with Smart, it is absolutely free. Yes, and the heart of Drake,
who completed his romance with Rihanna, now also not busy. As for
the age difference between the rapper and Lopez — she’s 17 years older than the rapper,
this Jennifer is no stranger. Because Smart was 18 years of age, however, this
didn’t disturb them.