Опра Уинфри отказалась от продюсирования документального фильма Рассела Симмонса

Oprah Winfrey departs from its planned role as Executive producer of the documentary film about Russell Simmons #MeToo.
65-year-old media Mogul Oprah Winfrey was appointed Executive producer of the film untitled, which will premiere this month at the Sundance film festival.
The documentary focuses on former music head Russell Simmons, who in the result of a scandal accused of sexual harassment and was intended for display on Apple TV +. Producer categorically denies all charges against him. The hashtag #MeToo was circulated in social networks at the end of 2017, it was later popularized by actress Alyssa Milano, who offered to put like and repost, writes about his difficult experience sexual violence or harassment.
“I have decided that I will not longer occupy the role of Executive producer in the documentary film “untitled”, which are Directors Kirby dick and Amy Ziering. This film on TV Apple TV + is not planned to broadcast,” said Winfrey in a statement to one of the American publications.

Опра Уинфри отказалась от продюсирования документального фильма Рассела Симмонса
The President of Fund “Time’s Up” Tina Chen, in turn, thanked all the remaining work on this project, calling all those very brave women who is not afraid to speak the truth about Russell Simmons.
From the statements Oprah Winfrey: “I unconditionally will continue to support all women who have suffered from harassment or sexual violence. I want to focus on the fact that you believe these women unconditionally and want them to know that I support them. The stories of their lives needs to be heard. But my opinion is that the film is still a lot of work. To cover the whole range of points that have survived the sacrifices, and it became clear that the filmmakers and I do not agree with this creative idea,” continued Winfrey. “Kirby dick and Amy Ziering — talented Directors. I really respect their mission, but given the desire of the filmmakers have to present the premiere of the film at the film festival in Sundance before it is completely finished, I feel that it is better to step aside”.
She added: “I will work with “Time’s Up” to support the victims and those who suffered violence and sexual harassment”.
From the statement of dick and Ziering: “Uncover the harsh truth is never easy, and all the women in our documentary demonstrate extraordinary strength and courage, raising your voice against sexual abuse in the music industry. Although we are disappointed that Oprah Winfrey is no longer the Executive producer of the project, we are happy that Winfrey had stated clearly that he believes and supports the remaining work in the film”.

They continued: “the Experience of black women #MeToo deserves to be heard, especially against powerful men, so we will continue our plans to transfer the film to the Sundance film festival. This film was created over two years ago, will be our eighth premiere at Sundance”.
“The film is a beacon of hope in the voices that have long been suppressed, and inspiration for those who want to restore your personal power”, they added.

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