Мишель Обама решила запустить личное шоу в социальной сети Instagram

Мишель Обама решила запустить личное шоу в социальной сети Instagram

The former wife of President Barack Obama is always trying to keep up with modern technology. Michelle has the experience of creating a popular television show on the channel in America. Now she has decided to show his new project via social network Instagram. Many consider this venture a perfect solution, because this period of life can be called the century of social networks. The new project will be called “Year one”, planned to show six episodes.

The main characters of the show will be students who entered the first course in the different universities of America. Young people are already selected, they are representatives of these major cities: Washington, Alabama, North Dakota and California. In the show the students will show and tell their first day in College, and adaptation to the new place of study.

Michelle in an official statement, said that students will show their first year of study in higher education. They will tell you that the UPS and downs in this period of life is a normal phenomenon that occurs with each student.

In addition, Western media reported that the show will reveal an important moment of life students. Very often young people face in the first year of independent living with financial problems and serious psychological condition, which worsens their health.

The first series will appear on the official page of Michelle Obama to the shooting format IGTV (this app is from the official program of Instagram that allows you to upload videos long time). Users around the world will be able to see this unusual format of the show in mid-January 2020.

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