Анастасию Заворотнюк выписали из больницы?

In all media there is a new news that a famous Russian actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk was discharged from the hospital due to the inefficiency of undertaken her treatment.
Asking the Director, actress and star of the TV series “My fair nanny” about whether or not she left the walls of the hospital where she actively fought his terrible disease, he flatly refused to comment about recent press reports and its statement, the health and whereabouts today.
From the latest news to the newspaper “Free press” became known that Anastasia Zavorotnyuk at the moment left the hospital due to the fact that “sense in the treatment of the stars is no more” (Prim.ed. Quoted from the article).

Another version of the artist statement journalists have suggested the possibility that the expensive treatment the family is no longer possible. The relatives and friends of Anastasia still did not comment about the state of health of the actress.
After the question of the Director Zavorotnyuk Marina Potapova about it, that the star was discharged because of the lack of the ability to pay for expensive treatment and stay in paid clinic – she dropped the phone, thereby interrupting the conversation. Other sources have reported that the car crash was better, and her condition is stabilized.
For the first time about the diagnosis of brain cancer and hospitalization, in connection with the diagnosis of the artist press reported in mid-September 2019-th year. During this time information on her condition was very little to comment on, none of the relatives did not dare. It was only known that Anastasia is in a state of drug-induced sleep on a ventilator. Later friend of the actress Sergey Mayorov, said that she was getting better thanks to competent treatment by experienced doctors.
Elena Malysheva, a leading TV program “Live simply” commenting on the diagnosis of car crash, explaining that this type of tumor as Anastasia is not subject to manipulation. We will remind, Elena Malysheva, not only leading, but also a famous physician, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor.
In the social network Instagram has created a special page “Support Zavorotnyuk”, which is close to the star people promised to publish only accurate information, and its condition. The last entry on this account was made on 31 December 2019. It was congratulations all fans of the artist and thanks for the support.

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