Мишель и Барак Обама давали советы принцу Гарри и Меган Маркл по вопросу обретения собственного распорядка жизни?

Sources close to Michelle and Barack Obama stating earlier that they gave any advice Sussex Royal couple: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and conducted personal meetings and discussions on this topic on their retreat from performing Royal duties – clean water is not true information!
“The rumors that they have any relevance to this, completely false. The former President and first lady do not suggest anything the pair did not communicate with them even on this subject,” says one source close to Obama, when asked, how involved are they in discussions with a couple on the recent controversial decision of the Royal family. Obama spent Christmas in Hawaii and stayed there on a family vacation, after a busy December travel to Asia as part of its operation of the Fund Obama’s education and training leadership.

Мишель и Барак Обама давали советы принцу Гарри и Меган Маркл по вопросу обретения собственного распорядка жизни?
Another source Obama, reacting to the rumors that they played a role in the future plans for Sussex, said: “there is no truth!”.
A couple of Obama being in the White house, worked with Prince Harry over their shared interests, helping wounded war veterans. Harry met with Michelle a few times, including the previous Games Invictus in Orlando, Florida.
And though Mrs. Obama provided written answers to questions Megan about an interview for the September issue of “British Vogue”, which she edited away last summer, the two women met just a couple of times and it was more than a year ago, when Megan went backstage in December 2018 during the London stop of the tour sold-out Mrs. Obama in her memoir, “Becoming” and last spring, during the second stop, Mrs Obama in London for the book tour.

Harry and the former President acted earlier in December 2017 in a special radio program, during which the Royal interviewees spoke with Obama about their General orientation on the formation of leaders for the next generation, and hopes Obama on his postpresidential life. The conversation was recorded in September 2017, when Obama attended and joined Prince Harry in Toronto at the games “Invictus”, which was also the first public release for the Prince and Megan, before they announced their engagement.
Michelle and Barack Obama also became friends with Prince William and Kate Middleton during the stay of Barack Obama as President in power.

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