One of Roman Abramovich, said details of his divorce

Друг Романа Абрамовича рассказал подробности его развода
Here some days in the Network one of the main topics for discussion was the divorce of billionaire Roman Abramovich with his wife designer Daria Zhukova.

Друг Романа Абрамовича рассказал подробности его развода

Spouses reported all concerned about what will keep a good relationship after divorce together to raise children. This information decided to comment on a close friend of Abramovich, the lawyer Alexander Karabanov.

“I believe that in any relationship there comes a crisis. It is possible that these relations have reached a peak. While it is encouraging to see that Roman and Daria agreed to still work together to raise children, conduct business together, they disagree in a civilized manner. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t go to any trials,” said Karabanov.

It is worth noting that in the couple’s older son Aaron and daughter Leah.

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