Sati Casanova for the first time openly told about his fiancé

Сати Казанова впервые откровенно поведала о своем женихе
Recently it became known that the popular singer and the former soloist of group “Fabrika” Sati Kazanova gets married to her lover, Italian photographer Stefano Tiozzo.

Сати Казанова впервые откровенно поведала о своем женихе

Sati shared what the meeting was about a year ago at the wedding of her friend in Germany. The singer admits that when they first met didn’t pay much attention to Stefano, then they started to talk on Skype.

Сати Казанова впервые откровенно поведала о своем женихе

“When we contacted the first time, I fell into a stupor. I saw what was happening to him the same thing. He said, “If you’re worried just as I’m worried, or at least a hundredth part, it gives me hope that you feel about the same as I am.” I say: “Oh Yes! I worry no less than you, and maybe more.” At first we were such hints, and then began to talk very openly, sincerely, without any coquetry. I honestly admitted that I had and there are certain fears of relationships, and he told me about mine,” said the girl.

Even Casanova has decided to tell about how he received the offer hands and hearts.

“One day we suddenly started talking about how we will continue to live. And Stefano said, “Perhaps it makes sense to me at first to come to Russia, wait until you learn Italian, adapted to the new situation.” I wondered: “what new position?” “Well, we’ll be married… I’m not… will You be my wife?” And I said, ‘Yes,’ said Sati.

Now we look forward to information about when the wedding and photos from the celebration.

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