На те же грабли: Кейт Мосс снова начала пить

The supermodel returned to the habit.

Among creative professionals craving for alcohol and heavier drugs are not uncommon. But if in the case of men this fatal passion watching either through my fingers or with a slight disapproval, drinking and Smoking famous ladies cause public outrage. That Kate moss, once again “light up” with a glass in hand, instantly came under fire from journalists and fans. But promised to throw…

42-year-old model had only a couple of months of a healthy lifestyle. Some weeks it is, as promised to myself, abstained from booze and cigarettes. But sitting with friends on warm summer evenings, trips to places of entertainment and restaurants break the will Kate. And she again took in his teeth the smoke, and into the hand of the glass. Over the past month, the paparazzi repeatedly caught the former star of the catwalks Smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages of different strength.

It is worth noting that love to bad habits moss is famous with youth. From time to time she denied drug, while in one of the foreign tabloids a few years ago there was a photo where the model uses cocaine. After the ugly truth came out, moss went into rehab. And like drugs, she managed to move away as they were replaced by alcohol and nicotine.

As for such a lifestyle his bride applies Nikolai von Bismarck, is unknown. We will remind that not so long ago the couple decided to legalize the relationship. . During a romantic dinner in one of the restaurants of Venice, a descendant of the “iron Chancellor”, standing on one knee, presented supermodel gorgeous engagement ring. According to acquaintances couples, moss offer lover took. And soon they will begin preparing for the wedding. Moreover, the location for the ceremony they’ve chosen celebration will be held in a small Church in one of Venice. However, there is one thing. Moss is still married to the guitarist of the American band The Kills Jamie Hinz. Despite the fact that they fled more than a year ago, the divorce of the couple was issued. Therefore for the new marriage she needs to terminate this.

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