На главном катке Москвы состоится Рождественский бал
Offers large-scale costume ball.

January 2018 visitors of the rink at ENEA
can plunge into an atmosphere of Golden
century, to take part in large-scale
costume ball and dance
the waltz, the polka, the quadrille and the tango on skates.
On the ice will grow colorful
Christmas town in the style of vintage postcards,
and doors
rental visitors will meet
footmen in livery, giving guests the velvet

it snow, magic, beautiful
mood and a solemn feast
and in the past and even costume balls,
— said Julia
the representative of the Directorate of the Soviet era. — So
we decided that the Christmas waltz
sounded at these points, will be the main
the theme of this year’s celebration on the Main
the rink of the country.”

pairs professional dancers in ballroom
suits, dresses and light coats
will ascoltate of the rink to the accompaniment of
classic melodies. Waltz will
begin every hour, every couple will be
be accompanied by live violin. Meanwhile
on the main stage will host a series of lessons
for those who are just learning to dance
waltz. Dance teacher in costume of the nineteenth
V. to show guests of all ages
how to perform a simple PA.

a festive evening of visitors of a skating rink
waiting for master classes on the waltz, polka,
tango and square dance. Your costumes in style
Golden age of welcome. During the break
between dance class, you can
will be fun
after playing parlour games last
century is another essential attribute
the Christmas ball. On
the children’s rink will appear cheerful and
good-natured Santa Claus that will delight
each kid a small gift.