Ольга Кабо винит себя за то, что бросила дочь The actress gave a Frank interview in which he spoke about relations in the family and remembered how he let go of the heir to study in the UK. Olga Kabo admitted that she was very difficult to endure separation.
Ольга Кабо винит себя за то, что бросила дочь

The daughter of Olga Kabo, Tanya always dreamed of becoming a ballerina. However, the tale of a professional “PA” after a while crashed against reality. Was waiting for her unbearable burden, physical pain, dietary restrictions and constant lack of sleep. In the end, the celebrity found out – went with the heir to the British School of arts to support in the entrance test. However, after passing the exams, 10-year-old girl had gone from her.

“It was a difficult test… I brought Tanya in England and left there alone without family, friends and, most importantly, without knowledge of the language… Now unable to think about it calmly, although still dimmed with tears… Cast pampered, hothouse child like a kitten, let alone in adult life…” – says Cabo.

The woman told me that worrying about a long separation from his daughter disappeared when she saw the result of her daily work. According to Olga, it is always sad to leave the children even for a while. She also noted that Tanya is still in need of advice and support mom. But the younger son – Victor – barely tolerate the frequent absence of a mother.

“Let me like a real man, silently and without tears. He can take me by the hand, sad look in the eyes and quietly say: “Mommy, please don’t go. I don’t want you to leave ever again.” And I have a lump in my throat,” – confessed the actress.

Olga is happily married to businessman Nikolai Razgulyaeva. The star believes that she was lucky with the choice. According to her, the man simply understands and supports her in everything, but also not wanting to make a scene about his frequent absences on the set and tour. However, methods of the education of his son. Cabo told the magazine “7 days”, that may sometimes go with her husband on a raised tone, defending the little Vitya. The father trying to raise a boy rather severely.

“Perhaps because of my frequent absences I to son more loyal I am to his mother-the occasion. And in my father’s upbringing there is military discipline and even stiffness… If I’m trying to reach, to convince, to motivate, nick immediately dictates: “Go and do”, demanding obedience… Victor Pope obeys unquestioningly,” said Olga.