Ирена Понарошку стала сиделкой
The presenter has mastered a new profession.

Irena Ponaroshku

Photo: Instagram

Irena Ponaroshku decided
to celebrate the New year the same: to sleep off
read a book and just relax.
But there it was! Friends of the presenter,
taking advantage of her rare break
in professional graphics, asked
its just a couple of days to follow

experimental plan for the meeting
New year alone gave with a crack!
— shared the star. Friends suddenly
tossed his dog, because the 31st
Dec of dogsitter to watch
it agreed only I and Alexey Panin, but the owners for some reason chose
me… And that’s the first time I left
alone with the dog! New year’s eve!
But I think that’s a good sign, I
appreciated the humor gods! Though
The year of the Dog and will start only in February,
but, cool as that is not the cock brought
on overexposure!?”

microblog make-believe, which she
reported the news, as always, appreciated
the humor and irony of his idol, and also
expressed the view that the living symbol of
this year, suddenly appeared
the house Irena, will certainly bring her
good luck. The
more coincidentally, a foundling
was breed Jack Russell, and so
at least partially embodies not only
beast of 2018, but even his suit. After all
this year will be marked yellow