Накануне развода муж Надежды Михалковой признался в любви к её сестре
The Director spoke about his feelings for the eldest daughter Mikhalkov.

Anna Mikhalkova

Photo: @rezofilm Instagram Rezo Gigineishvili

Despite recent news that Nadezhda Mikhalkova and Rezo Gigineishvili close to divorce, her older sister, Anna continues to maintain friendly relations with his son. The other day in the microblog Rezo appeared the picture, which was captured older sister Hope. However, the interest of fans the photo caused not only by the fact that the Gigineishvili communicate with Anna, and how he signed the published portrait. “I love you! I wanted to shoot a movie!” — posted by Rezo.

However, it is obvious that the Director is friendly. By the way, that Anna was the first of those who hinted about the problems in the family sisters. The possibility of divorce Hope and Rezo, which was rumored some time ago, she had flatly rejected, but made it clear that the relationship between spouses, this is not the easiest period.

Recall that last week Hope and Rezo had first been published separately. First at the ceremony “person of the year” appeared the successor of Nikita Khrushchev, and later he called. But the couple not only arrived separately, but doesn’t say a word throughout the evening.

That became the quarrel reason the star couple while no one from the environment Mikhalkova and Gigineishvili says. Although there are persistent rumors that their marital happiness have prevented their own career ambitions. Hope some time ago for the first time tried himself in the role of Director and was so fascinated by this process that for a while “fell” from their role as mother is caring for five-year three-year Nina and Ivan.