«Дискотека Авария» прыгнула в пропасть
The shooting of the video for the song “Vivid I” is extreme.

Soloists of Aleksey Ryzhov, Anna Khokhlova and Aleksey Serov

Photo: Press service of the group

Learning about the Director’s ideas during the filming of the video for the song “Bright I am”, the participants of the “Disco Crash” and Philip realized that they are waiting for an extreme adventure. Singer Anna Khokhlova first overcome on the heels suspension bridge with a length of 439 meters, located in the vicinity of Sochi, and then jumped into the abyss together with Alexei Serov. The singer laughs that Anna remembered all his relatives, while flying down 200 meters. Fortunately, the articulation of Khokhlova almost perfectly coincided with the sound track.

The shooting lasted only three days, the group worked 12 hours. All this time on the coast and in the mountains stood forty degrees of heat and the weatherman promised thunderstorms. But the first fallout only 15 minutes after it was shot the last frame. And after that loaded these tropical storms.

In the clip “Bright I” as extras starred 2 thousands of spectators who came to the concert of Philip Kirkorov in Sochi. To make spectacular shots from Krasnodar specially brought television tap for concert halls.