Andrei Konchalovsky claims the Oscar

Андрей Кончаловский претендует на Оскар
The film “Ray” was nominated for the most prestigious film award.

Andrei Konchalovsky, Julia, Christian Klauss and Jacob Diehl


The last work of Andrei Konchalovsky’s “Paradise” was nominated for an Oscar. The film by Russian Director, who recently triumphed at the Venice film festival, has all the chances to acquire another coveted statuette. The film will be presented in the category “Best foreign film”. Andrew, according to media reports, was highly flattered loose his honor.

Incidentally, the picture “Paradise”, which premiered in Italy, impressed critics with a lasting impression. For her, the Director received several awards from the jury. First, he was awarded the International Catholic film award of the Robert Bresson — for the spiritual quest in the movie. And then the last name Konchalovsky sounded among the main winners of the Venice film festival. The master won the Silver lion for best Director of the film. Drama “Paradise” has received critical acclaim. For example, the artistic Director of the festival, film critic Alberto Barbera called the picture “brilliant”. The film Konchalovsky took also a special prize of the Soundtrack Stars Award for best music.

Incidentally, one of the leading roles in the historical drama of the Russian Director played his wife Julia Vysotskaya. This role was a real challenge for her, because for her, the actress had to say goodbye to their long locks. For the plausibility of what is happening in the story events, Julia, at the direction of Director, head was shaved.

By the way, Andrew is not the first time it appears in the list of nominees for the Oscar. In 2002, his work also claimed the conquest of the coveted statuette, but to win and could not.