On the eve of the anniversary of the death of Michael Krug in his widow’s house was broken into criminals

Накануне годовщины смерти Михаила Круга в дом его вдовы вломились преступники
Became known details of the break-in.

Irina Circle in the interior of the house

Photo: @irinakrug Instagram Irina Krug

The widow of Michael Krug has experienced serious stress: the other day her house was broken into by criminals. It happened literally overnight a few days before the 16-year anniversary of the death of the singer. At the time of the hacking, as it became known, Irina was at home in the suburbs with my husband, Sergei Belousov, and youngest son Andrew.

“I drilled a hole in the frame, the fishing line turned the handle. Criminals roamed the first floor of the house, and then left through the garage. It is possible they get spooked. Although Irina with family slept in this time. Irina heard at three in the morning, but she thought it was her husband goes. He’d put that night son fell asleep in the nursery. But Sergei thought that Irina goes to the first floor. And only in the morning when they came downstairs, they saw the trail of criminals, open Windows, overturned things. The police were called. The weird thing is: nothing is missing. And the neighbors too. Apparently, the criminals looking for money and jewelry, but found” — says a representative of Irene.

The widow of a Circle that incident made a strong impression. She still recalls with horror the day when 16 years ago the night her husband Michael was killed by robbers who got into the house, located near Tver. Fortunately, this time did without victims. From the environment Irina became known that after the incident, it will strengthen the protection of the house.

“Set the alarm. And will be releasing on the night of the dogs from the cage so they run around the area”, — quotes the source kp.ru.

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