Alain Vodonaeva: “Even to escape from the marriage — act more masculine than that now makes creed”

Алена Водонаева: «Даже сбежать из загса — поступок более мужской, чем то, что сейчас делает Крид»
The presenter spoke about the events after the end of the show “the Bachelor.”

Алена Водонаева: «Даже сбежать из загса — поступок более мужской, чем то, что сейчас делает Крид»

Alena Vodonaeva

Photo: from the personal archive of Alena Vodonaevoy

Battles on the Internet around one or another scandal in the life of stars not subside for months. We asked Alain Vodonaevu, whose 2.2 million followers on Instagram often want to know what she thinks about the next “battle network”, comment on the magazine pages what is now of concern to all.

“The bachelor” has ended, and passions around him never cease. Perhaps none of the five previous seasons of the reality show was not accompanied by so many gossips and scandals like this one. Despite quite the expected ending, the questions of the audience still remained. For example, the finalist of “the Bachelor” Vika Korotkova, chief rival Dasha, Lukinoj, sincerely desired to be a “bachelor” Egor Creed, even divorced from the official husband. But after a couple of months after the filming of the show had an affair with his brother Timothy — Artem Yunusov. (I wonder if they, by any chance, creed introduced?) A couple not seen together, they even go to public events together. Another outstanding participant of the project Galina Cibles — iron a shirt, the rapper Anika. Galina still got a well-known musician, but Sonia Makeeva indulge the passions with the operator of “the Bachelor”. In General, while the producers tore the jackpot in the form of ratings, girls not wasting any time: to the PR, who is an artist. No matter who is the main “the bachelor” or anyone: brother, friend, friend, neighbor artist — take all! And the best two wrap! Savvy turned out to be the group participating this year, do not say anything.

Amazing one more thing. If you look at the girls with fresh eyes, it seems like half of them are not on the project met, and one plastic surgeon. Noses and lips as a blueprint — make “one to One” nervously bite the brush aside. However, for some reason, all the bumps miraculously fly to the winner of the project of Darya Lukinoj — natural beauty girls, pretty and sexy by nature. By the way, what she has is not one of “the Bachelor,” well, you remember. What it is not only accusing: “insincere”, “she’s got another man”, “chose a way to break into the actress”… Now Daria is credited with a novel or Sochi, or with the Dubai businessman. For many, this looks wrong against the background of the just concluded her victory project. They say that in the participating contract even has a clause stating that the winner is obliged to meet a hero a year after the finale. But we see a very different picture.

Egor Krid

Photo: TNT

Regardless of the reasons now Klyukina and creed do not go together on the red carpet, I want to believe that Dasha was honest. Why? This is evidenced, for example, its decision to admit Glinnikov in the fifth season of “the Bachelor”, what feelings to him not, and to leave, regardless of the rating, promising victory and hundreds of thousands of fans for whom the statement Dasha then was a shock. Of course, if you believe the official version of the events that we saw in the air. Yes, it didn’t work with Glinnikov in the previous season, but she was not afraid to come to the project for the second time, the man to whom she was attracted. Bypassed all competitors won to get… a bucket of excrement in his side. The question arises: why all this negativity gets no Egor, who has made his choice, pre-vitreal nerves Dasha, her rivals and millions of tele-viewers? Why are only the permanent charges of each of the second participants of insincerity and lust for publicity at his expense! Not if the PR is to come in the show Urgant to see a parody of it a couple Dasha and declare to the whole country: “I was really into the voice!”? Later he will meet someone in the social network on the question of marriage with Lukinoj: “you gone crazy? It? It’s a show”. Even to escape from the marriage — act more masculine than such statements. Generally, these shows illustrate our sad Russian reality: a woman fights for the man! Although the question is: how is it, girls? Exactly the opposite must be you forgot?! We women are! We choose. Didn’t like it? Next!”

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