Оливию Уайлд посчитали слишком старой для роли

That is so cruel! During an interview with Howard stern Hollywood actress Olivia Wilde, which we all know from the TV series “Dr. house”, admitted that once she refused the role, considering.. too old. It was the role of the wife of the hero Leonardo DiCaprio in the tape 2013 “the Wolf of wall streer”, which later went to Margot Robbie.

Оливию Уайлд посчитали слишком старой для роли
“The most ridiculous thing I ever heard, when I was denied roles is that I am too complex actress. I remember thinking: “This sounds good. I like”. “Complex” probably in Hollywood is a secret. As I later learned, they actually meant “old”. So I was told at the audition “the wolf of wall street”. I was too old for him” — said Olivia.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie

However, for Wilde it became a great failure. She met Martin Scorsese, who thought she’d be perfect for other projects. So Olivia got into the series “Vinyl”.
“This suggests that if you do not receive something, it does not mean that your failure may not lead you to success” — said the actress.

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