Step away from the troubles: the stars, who were able to overcome the addiction

В шаге от беды: звезды, сумевшие побороть зависимость “StarHit” recalls those who found the strength to refuse from harmful habits. Many Russian stars for a long time struggled with dependence on alcohol, drugs and Smoking and, in the end, won. Each of the characters in our collection is complicated, but in his own amazing destiny.

      В шаге от беды: звезды, сумевшие побороть зависимость

      When a bad habit becomes a second nature, to mischief. This convinced many Russian stars, which for a long time struggled with a harmful dependence on alcohol, drugs and Smoking, and, in the end, won. Each of the characters in our collection is complicated, but in his own amazing destiny. The decision to take himself in hand many of them had not been easy, but realizing what price they can pay for the opportunity just to forget, the celebrities have managed to find enough strength in time to say “no”.

      Olga Buzova

      Leading project “Dom-2”, fragile and bright Olga Buzova managed to find the strength to quit Smoking. Perhaps her strength of will would be the envy of many men. And she began to smoke, like I said, due to the then existing fashion.

      В шаге от беды: звезды, сумевшие побороть зависимость

      However, soon Buzova have revised their views and decided to get rid of what is not only did not paint it, as well as ruining the health, but also makes it dependent. “I was independent, and Smoking, I am oppressed, – priznavali Olga “StarHit”. – And at one point realized: I don’t want to smell like an ashtray”. The star even now can’t stand tobacco smoke and its harmful habit recalls as a bad date.

      Irina Pechernikova

      В шаге от беды: звезды, сумевшие побороть зависимость

      Actress Irina Pechernikova was a recognized star of Soviet cinema. Dazzling beautiful heroine with a deep, slightly sad eyes in the film “Live till Monday” in a short time acquired a national fame. It seemed that waiting for her brilliant career, and happy destiny. However, Irina had to go through thorns, which could not fail to leave a trace in the soul of this extraordinary and mysterious women. She was just in love with the theatre and the stage served her a kind of outlet where Pechernikova escape from real life, from unrequited love, failed marriages.

      The pressure was so great that the actress broke down, and began to drink. Two years of work at the Maly theatre passed like a nightmare: no one day Irina spent without alcohol. The artist soon realized that this problem cannot be solved, if not to take any decisive action. And Director of Small Tetra was surprised when Irina asked him to give a direction to the clinic to start treatment for alcoholism.

      In the popular program “Alone with all” honored artist of Russia explained why it took so long to get rid of addiction to alcohol. “No particular reason, as everything was coming together, a bouquet of all – over fatigue, had nervous breakdowns, and that at first it helped, she says. – Come on, you’re freezing, I am up to I couldn’t sleep. The performances were very difficult. I have a theatre house theatre house, more than anything else.” And yet we must give this woman: she found the courage to get rid of addiction and return to normal life.

      Vlad Topalov

      В шаге от беды: звезды, сумевшие побороть зависимость

      About the glorious times of the pop Duo “Smash!!”, where Vlad Topalov was one of the soloists, he still recalls with excitement and nostalgia. Crowds of fans, a complete sellout concerts: fame literally haunted by his heels and showered him with honours. But one day inadvertently Vlad got yourself in trouble, to escape from which for a long time he was not under force.

      “It was January 2004, we celebrated the New year, – told reporters the singer – it was fun. Never me no one offered, were not given any drugs, I’ve always been the kind of man who did what he wanted. And then one winter evening we with friends sat, and I said, “let’s! Why not?”. And we tried it. So it all started”.

      Innocent at first glance, the fun marked the beginning of a four-year history, which turned to Vlad in a real tragedy. According to him, addiction to drugs was an indirect cause of the collapse of “Smash!!”, the breakdown of relationships with family and friends, loss of health. Vlad tried to stop the father: he even put his son under house arrest. But the life of the once popular singer was on a downward slide, until suddenly he realized that there are things that he has not had time to do. They turned out to be much more important than the temporary fun and were connected with favourite business, creativity, loved ones. And four years of useless existence, when not a single day passed without illegal drugs, Vlad Topalov bravely wrote off in archive.

      Sergey Shnurov

      В шаге от беды: звезды, сумевшие побороть зависимость

      The leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov once admitted that the vodka he had tasted in fifteen years. Since then, the rebel from musical creativity did not know restraint. He told reporters that he had stayed in the binge 1800 days!

      However, Cords have always been distinguished by an extravagant nature, passion for unexpected actions. But this time the popular singer and the composer to think seriously about the possible consequences of such attitude to their own health. At the insistence of doctors, Sergey stopped Smoking. And most importantly: he broke up with alcohol. So on one of the evenings dedicated to the next “Kinotavr”, the audience saw the new Sergey Shnurov – calm, polite and intelligent.

      Stas Pieha

      В шаге от беды: звезды, сумевшие побороть зависимость

      This story could be labeled with the following words: “Famous grandmother saves grandson.” It was. Singer Edita once drew attention to the strange state of the Stas. The actress turned to her daughter, and she, in turn, immediately diagnosed her son: he was a drug addict. On a family Council it was decided to send a young man to Moscow, away from bad company, in which the grandson is addicted to prohibited drugs.

      Stas Piekha will be to treat addictions

      By the way, this unpleasant episode has taught Stas Pyekha. He realized that there are more useful classes. At the same time, the artist had sympathy for the fate of those who have become hostage to their addictions. Together with her sister Erika Stas opens the centre for rehabilitation of people addicted to drugs and alcohol. The working title of the future of the clinic is “Life”.

      Valery Leontiev

      В шаге от беды: звезды, сумевшие побороть зависимость

      The Russian pop star Valery Leontiev was known as an avid smoker. This bad habit, he remained faithful in every situation. However, at some point, to the amazement of friends and relatives, the popular singer managed to get rid of dependence.

      “I really smoked 40 years in a row, admitted to journalists Valery Leontiev. – Smoked two packs a day. It got to the point that changing costume during the concert, I had to drag on a cigarette. Without cigarettes could not!”

      The singer did not use the modern and trendy techniques. He just showed will power, which was enough to once and for all get rid of addiction. According to Leontiev, he began to feel much better. True, at first he slightly gained weight. However, active work, regular rehearsals and touring was restored to its original shape.

      Vyacheslav Butusov


      В шаге от беды: звезды, сумевшие побороть зависимость

      Famous rock musician Vyacheslav Butusov believes that stage fright, the fear to be trapped in front of his audience led to his alcohol addiction. “I lacked certainty, confidence, everything was so wavy and misty, there was no ground under the feet” – he admitted in the popular program “Alone with all”.

      Vyacheslav Butusov: “I’m in Christ’s bosom”

      At the time, the artist was one step away from the precipice of addiction to alcohol he could lose family, friends, fans recognition. From harm the leader of the group “Nautilus Pompilius” was saved by a loving wife Angelica. Thanks to the efforts of the women in the picture have stopped drinking. Now a famous rock musician, in addition to his work conducting trainings for people who, like he, are in trouble, addicted to alcohol.

      Grigory Leps

      В шаге от беды: звезды, сумевшие побороть зависимость

      The amazing fate of this singer deserves special attention. Seduced by Grigory Leps came only after forty years. It is long and hard to achieve success. Creatively gifted and talented man had to pass many tests in the capital, where Gregory moved from his native warm Sochi to reach the cherished goal. The voltage due to the constant stress he began to take off with the help of alcohol and illegal drugs.

      As a result Leps was hospitalized with a severe gastric ulcer, massive internal bleeding… confessions of an artist, when he first looked into the eyes of death. This was enough for Grigory Leps reviewed his life. He resolutely refused harmful habits and, admittedly, his works sparkle with new faces. Today Grigory Leps is one of the most popular singers of Russian stage, concert hard to get tickets.

      Irina Allegrova

      В шаге от беды: звезды, сумевшие побороть зависимость

      She was hiding bottles of liquor, admonished that addiction to alcohol is not good for you. However, “Empress” Russian pop Irina Allegrova – was adamant in his desire: to drink at every opportunity. “I was an ostrich at the time who thought he hid his head in the sand and all, no problem, the singer said in the program “Alone with all”. – It was not very good. But then I was hurt, and I thought that if I do, would be easier.”

      Irina Allegrova: “I hit the wall, his atpakal and decided to leave”

      For anybody not a secret that Irina has always been a strong woman, capable of things that, seemingly, only men. One day she said to addiction a firm “no” – and won. Today Irina Allegrova is engaged in work, family, and feels absolutely happy.

      Alexander Baluev

      В шаге от беды: звезды, сумевшие побороть зависимость

      Movie Marshal Zhukov, who was loved by many viewers, could be actor Alexander Baluev only a dream. And the culprit was the passion of the artist to drink. When in the Prime of life he left the Yermolova theatre, it seemed to him that the role in the movie will roll in like a horn of plenty. Contrary to the expectations of celebrity, this has not happened, and few years of creative stagnation.

      Yearning for his beloved work of Alexander was to be silenced by alcohol. We can only guess what it might lead a talented artist, if fate presented him with a truly generous gift – a meeting with the woman who managed to become its backbone in life. The creation of a family and the birth of a daughter Marusya Baluyev finally returned to life. And the evidence of this brilliantly played role both in Russian and in Western films.

      Dana Borisova

      TV presenter Dan Borisov, like many of her peers did not escape the fascination with alcohol. However, she attributed this not to a lack of demand, serious anxiety and suffering, and the fact that after two or three glasses of wine she was easier to communicate with people and easier to do my job.

      To see Dana Borisova came back a runaway husband

      A celebrity once risked losing everything – the recognition, the respect of colleagues, love of relatives, but managed to stop in time. Now Borisov reluctantly recalls the period of struggle with a terrible addiction and he wants to forget it as a nightmare.

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