Сергей Безруков лично рассказал о свадьбе

The news of the wedding of Sergei Bezrukov and Anna Mathison broke a bombshell in the domestic media. While some thought how true were these reports, the actor himself decided to comment on the news, involved it.

In his microblog he officially confirmed the change of status.

“Still don’t want interference in their personal lives, but to avoid a huge amount of gossip and rumors, inform you about your new status! Yes! Married! Thank you all for sincere greetings and understanding!!!” writes Sergei.

More detail about the wedding was told by the friend Sergey Vadim Vernik. “The wedding, as far as I know, no, only registration in the registry office. I must say that we communicate quite closely, I see the relationship of Sergei and Anya…See how it really flies. He had a very kind of new, very warm energy,” commented Vernik.

We will remind, relations between Sergey and Anna just a year. Before the wedding, the actor and Director met in 2015. Met matison, Bezrukov has completely reviewed his life and even divorced his wife Irina Bezrukova, which were married for many years.


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