Ольга Шелест «попала на деньги» из-за дочерей-хулиганок
Children presenter failed to play the ball.

Photo: Instagram

A relaxing stay Olga Shelest and his family were disturbed by unpleasant incident. TV presenter with his family is now in France, where to enjoy the sea, sun, beach and fine wine. But today am seriously raging Muse and iris accidentally eased the purse of the parents for a certain number of hundred euros. The fact that girls played ball and broke the glass door on the ground floor of the house which is rented star family.

“Daughters gone wild! Crumble the glass is not worse than the boys. Happiness!” — trying to find the positive in what happened Rustle.

Most of all, by the way, fans of the TV presenter asked how Olga was punished 4-year-old Muse and almost 3-year-old iris. But the Rustling did not answer. Apparently, still dealt with their favorite bully.

“We daughters lucky, he told rustling in the interview to “Caravan of Stories”. — The Muses so do home the nickname Superman. Wise beyond his years and has a great sense of humor. We have so much fun together. Of course, sometimes you have to show rigor. But Muse intelligent girl, and the changing mood of mom and dad, well aware of what crosses the line. Immediately stops and throws up his hands, saying, well, excuse me, as it happens.

When it became known that we would have the second girl, I said cautiously, “I guess you’re upset? Thought of my son? After all, all men dream about it”. Alex replied: “I am not all men. And then you know all about girls, and so would have had to go through it all over again. Colic, cars, and other horrors. No, girls are more fun!”

But now you can see if the husband Rustling and dreamed in the depths of the soul of the son, iris and Muse easily fill that space in his heart to his fighting character and antics.