Скандал: Гвинет Пэлтроу обвинили в соблазнении мужа Бейонсе
The actress is not willing to admit that nearly destroyed a family friend.

Скандал: Гвинет Пэлтроу обвинили в соблазнении мужа Бейонсе

Gwyneth Paltrow


Actress and model amber rose made quite unpleasant for Gwyneth Paltrow
statement. She directly accused the star that she entered into an intimate
relationship with Jay Z — husband of Beyonce — and as a result almost destroyed their family. Amber reported it during the show, which was live.

The story began with the fact that one of the songs of the album “Lemonade”, Beyonce clearly hinted: cheated on her husband, and she
knows. However, attracted by the name of JZ beauty she then said.
In his song of Beyonce called her opponent “Becky with a beautiful
hair”, and it was obvious that Becky is not the real name temptress.
Then the singer got in a huge fight with her husband and was ready to file for divorce. But
Jay Z managed, acknowledging his guilt, to beg wife’s forgiveness.

Fans have long debated who actually was hiding behind the name “Becky”.
The most likely contenders for this unenviable role was considered to be singer Rita Ora and designer Rachel Roy. However find out definitively who nearly ruined the family, Beyonce, still failed. Now amber rose said: “I know almost
for sure, it was Gwyneth Paltrow!”. As an additional confirmation of his words, she recalled: this is the history of Paltrow and
Beyonce and I were best friends. And then — suddenly interrupted all their
contacts, refusing to publicly explain the reason for the sudden mutual cooling.

Of course, Paltrow denies his guilt, claiming that “it is absurd and
not true.” However, many believe amber rose. For Gwyneth this accusation
doubly frustrating. First, she did not want to look in the eyes of all special
almost destroyed the marriage of Beyonce. But worse than the other — at a time when
there was a story she had already met with his current fiance brad
Falshakom. And if rose was telling the truth, it means that Paltrow
changed Felczaka.

Beyonce and Jay-Z